Referees, rugby, and racing with Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay & Dom 'The Dominator' George
McKay on Sport
McKay on Sport

Referees, rugby, and racing with Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay & Dom 'The Dominator' George

Still recovering from a tough Rugby World Cup Final loss to the Springboks, REX host Dominic George caught up with sports fanatic Hamish McKay for their weekly sports catch-up.

Of course, there was a lot of conversation around the involvement of the officials following the final which George and McKay touched on.

McKay expressed his confusion around the role of the TMO compared to the on-field referees.

"The referee referees the game," he said.

"The TMO is somebody he can just talk to if he needs to, if feels he needs to, not on their instruction."

"I think the whole this is an absolute mess, to be honest with you," George added.

The duo couldn't resist a bit of jest, joking about a hilarious Julius Marlowe shoe incident and '12th man' Billy Birmingham. 

The conversation then took an intriguing turn, focusing on the electrifying Fury vs Ngannou boxing match. 

"Fury is such a good boxer that he's scoring points quite often... they might not be spectacular but he's scoring," George said.

The duo agreed that the verdict sparked much controversy but appreciated the excitement it brought to the boxing world. 

The sporting tour then moved to cricket, with a nod to the upcoming New Zealand vs Pakistan game in the current Cricket World Cup hosted in India.

"Tomorrow night they've got Pakistan right... this is going to be an issue for us if we lose. So we must win the game tomorrow against the Pakistanis," said George, emphasising the significance of the match for New Zealand. 

Adding a dash of horse racing into the mix, the duo discussed an upcoming $10 million race in Sydney, with a friendly hint of school day nostalgia. 

McKay mentioned a school friend who had a horse running in the race.

"He's got a horse running in the $10 million race in Sydney tomorrow... 60% for the winner, 6 million is 4 or 5 for the minute. Not a bad day if Legarto gets home." 

From the rugby field to the boxing ring, and the racing track, it's a tour around the world of sports you wouldn't want to miss.

Listen to the full chat between Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay and Dominic 'The Dominator' George above.

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