Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay & Dom 'The Dominator' George round up this week's sport
McKay on Sport
McKay on Sport

Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay & Dom 'The Dominator' George round up this week's sport

REX's very own sports connoisseurs Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay and Dom 'The Dominator' George sat down for their regular weekly sports round-up ahead of a weekend

McKay and George kicked off the chat with a recount of the hosts' recent trip to Christchurch where they admired the Supreme Cattle, and cheered on wood-chopping contestant as well as reflected on an exciting cricket match between New Zealand and India in the Cricket World Cup semi-final.

In a conversation rich with details and personal anecdotes, they provide a vivid picture of the eventful days in Christchurch. For instance, they recall the memorable moment when Ryan Fox gave Sachin Tendulkar a lesson in perfecting his putt. 

They shifted their focus to motorsports, specifically the reactions to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The pair discuss the stark contrast between Max Verstappen feeling like a clown on a raised stage and Lewis Hamilton's business-oriented perspective in Formula One.

McKay and George also draw parallels to the corporate model of racing expansion and contrast it with the NRL's consistent 16-team structure. 

They also both shared their anticipation for a new documentary about Formula One legend, Michael Schumacher announced a decade since a near-fatal skiing accident.

The documentary is expected to be aired around late December, with The Sun reporting that the five-part documentary produced by German broadcasting network ADR could provide insight into more about what happened that fateful day and how Schumacher has recovered since.

Listen to the full chat between Hamish 'The Hitman' McKay and Dom 'The Dominator' George above.

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