The Hitman & The Dominator on rugby abuse and the upcoming summer of sport
McKay on Sport
McKay on Sport

The Hitman & The Dominator on rugby abuse and the upcoming summer of sport

REX host Dom George and sports aficionado Hamish McKay caught up for their regular weekly chat, which started with a reference to revered All Black loose forward AJ Whetton, who recently sat down with McKay on his series 'Hamishs' Heroes'

The chat was not just a walk down memory lane but a deep dive into Wetton's life post-rugby, with a particular focus on his passion for farming. Despite being an Aucklander, McKay touched on Whetton's appreciation for rural Kiwis.

"He's a great advocate for the land...loves farmers, knows who's the backbone of the country," he said. 

They also touched on some contentious issues within the rugby world, specifically highlighting the distressing abuse that players and their families often endure, citing the recent experience of Owen Farrell. 

The hosts reflected on how such behaviour is unacceptable and harms the spirit of the game. 

"Farrell… he does invite a little bit of controversy but he doesn't invite the level that he cops it at, especially when it's aimed at his family," McKay explained.

"He just tries to win, he's a winner" George agreed. 

The pair also reminisced about the 1993 British Lions tour to New Zealand, which brought back memories of a different era of rugby. They lauded players like Grant Fox for their skills and lamented the change in the sport's dynamics over the years. 

"Grant Fox...the way that he switched attacks and things like that. The vision that he had was unbelievable," George recalled.

The conversation further shifted to other sports, with the hosts expressing their anticipation for the cricket season as the Blackcaps take on Bangladesh in their first test match since the ODI World Cup and the Australian Open. 

They also had a fun trivia exchange about women's tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, known as the "Barcelona Bumblebee," due to her unceasing pursuit of tennis balls. 

Listen to the full chat between Hamish McKay and Dominic George above.

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