AI generates scarily accurate 'most stereotypical person' from different parts of NZ
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Funny Sh*t

AI generates scarily accurate 'most stereotypical person' from different parts of NZ

Artificial intelligence has come leaps and bounds in recent times, so much so that it has taken a stab at creating some stereotypical Kiwis and the results are frightening to say the least.

Redditor u/KiwiVandi asked Midjourney, an AI image generator, to show him “The Most Stereotypical Person” from different cities and towns across the country. Despite the gender-neutral prompt, the AI only displayed male creations, so he ran it back and asked for the female versions as well. 

After a bit of tinkering, the AI was able to come up with the most stereotypical men and women from a couple of different cities and towns in Aotearoa. 

Just click on the arrows to scroll through the different towns.

The prompt of “most typical young and older women” from different places in New Zealand revealed some crazy results, and although it does analyse real images, the accuracy of these generated 'kiwis' is almost creepy.

Commenters on both posts shared mixed reactions, both amazingly in awe but also slightly frightened by the accuracy.

“This stuff absolutely blows my mind,” wrote one person. “It’s obviously not perfect but these people look so much like actual people. It’s uncanny.”

“It does use the input of real photos but it’s still amazing that these images and everything in them is generated and remixed, every little detail,” said another. 

“Never mind the people,” a third added. “I’m in awe of how the backgrounds look exactly like real places in New Zealand.”

I just wish I could see what the most typical male and female farmers across Aotearoa would look like according to AI.