Million-dollar mistake: John Deere Combine Harvester crashes from crane lift
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Funny Sh*t

Million-dollar mistake: John Deere Combine Harvester crashes from crane lift

Driving oversized vehicles can be difficult enough on paved roads let alone getting one off a boat and onto solid ground.

For one unlucky person, their combine harvester didn't even make it to solid ground in one piece.

Instagram account @agri_fails posted a video (which they credited to @compoargentinoficial) that shows what looks like a container ship attempting to unload a John Deere combine harvester onto its dock.

The combine harvester is being moved on some sort of crane system and is held up by what looks like two wires running under both the front and rear wheelhouses.

Although they appear stable at first, the weight of the John Deere is clearly too much as the front cable snaps sending the roughly 8000 kg vehicle hurtling towards the ground.

While accidentally dropping a glass or plate at home can be a retrospective joke, a brand new John Deere combine harvester could set you back near on NZ$1 million, so this mistake is no laughing matter.

Although the person filming turns away slightly when the combine harvester actually falls, you can see it land upside down and clearly seriously damaged!

Some commenters were able to see the funny side of the situation though with one person writing, "Nothing falls like a Deere" and another adding "That'll buff out".

Others, however, had a more sombre reaction.

"That's a $600,000 mistake," one commented, while another said, "This is why straps are banned in use and we use chains.".

 While there is no confirmation of whose machine it was or what happened to it in the end, what you can be sure of is that no one would want to see that happen to any of their own tractors or Farm vehicles, EVER.